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  • Optimizing to Make the Most of Limited Resources

    Optimizing to Make the Most of Limited Resources

    Today’s security operations centers (SOCs) are inundated with an endless stream of alerts, vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence. But the reality is that no matter how large or well-resourced a security operations team, there will always be more work to do. So the next-gen SOC must be calibrated to work smarter, not harder.

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  • A Top-Down View Of Cloud Risk

    A Top-Down View Of Cloud Risk

    The migration to the cloud comes with risks and rewards. Understanding the risks early on and addressing them proactively can allow an organization to reap the benefits of the rewards without facing unreasonable risk. To assess risk effectively, organizations should take a top-down approach where they focus on the high value cloud assets first.

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KeyCaliber’s mission is to advance the capabilities of security programs in a meaningful and cost-effective way. We have years of experience defending networks and quantifying cyber risk so we understand that organizations can be extremely complex, implementing cybersecurity can be immensely challenging, and cyber attackers can be very sophisticated. We are here to make the fight not just manageable but winnable.