Risk-Informed Asset Management

See your systems.
Understand your connections.
Know your business risk.

How It Works


How Do You Prioritize Vulnerabilities?

It’s like we were operating with blinders on before, and now with KeyCaliber we have 360° vision.

– Chief Risk Officer at F1000 Company

Demolish legacy risk assessment processes.

Rebuild on a foundation of analytics and metrics that answer:

  • How do I know that I identified all assets in my networks and clouds?
  • How do I categorize high/medium/low risk assets and systems?
  • What data supports the business impact of these assets and systems?

KeyCaliber analyzes all assets and identifies the systems supporting critical business functions by correlating financial and log data for fundamental structural data elements about networks and connections between applications.

KeyCaliber gives security and IT leaders a security risk “balance sheet,” enabling them to prioritize activities based on business impact. Our asset identification and risk visibility solution correlates financial impact, asset usage, user privilege, vulnerability risk, mitigating controls, and connections between assets for visibility into business impact. Our platform enables data-driven decisions that enhance cyber resilience, improve resource allocation, reduce risk, and efficiently prioritize remediation activities.